Adjustable Bed Mattresses

Of course, every company tells you that they make the best adjustable bed and the most comfortable adjustable bed mattress . . . but WE make the best adjustable bed and the most comfortable adjustable bed mattress! We've been in the adjustable bed business for over 50 years now. We are authorized dealers of all the adjustable bed manufacturers: Latexpedic, Leggett - Platt, Ergomotion, Electropedic, Primo, Flex-A-Bed, Reverie, Med-Lift and more. We KNOW that the Electropedic is the best adjustable bed in the World! We sell innerspring, air, memory foam and Talalay Latexpedic Adjustable Bed Mattresses. We KNOW that the 100% Pure Talalay LatexPEDIC is the most comfortable Adjustable Bed Mattress in the World! We know nothing is more comfortable than THE ULTIMATEandtrade; 11" of 100% pure Talalay Latex, cotton and wool.LatexPEDIC® Adjustable Bed Mattress

The Latexpedic adjustable bed mattress is available in Classic, Natural and Organic

10" of pure Talalay Latex
2" of Softer Latex on Top
6" of Supporting Latex in Middle
2" of Softer Latex on Bottom
Surrounded on both sides with 1/2" Cotton and Wool
Completely Reversible
Zipper Cover or Handles
Quilted on Both Sides
11" Total Thickness
20-Year Warranty

Available in (4) four different firmnesses: Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm

Adjustable Bed Mattresses

PHOENIX adjustable bed Latex mattress

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PHOENIX Latex Mattresses

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