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Precision Stairlifts

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As the exclusive North American distributor for the Hawle custom curved stairlift, we are dedicated to the sales and service of precision state-of-the-art Hawle custom curved stairlifts. As the exclusive distributor of the only personal stairlift manufacturer with a European production, we would like to introduce you to Hawle Treppenlifte. Precision Stairlifts offers the full line of indoor and outdoor curved stairlifts manufactured in Europe by Hawle. 
Each stairlift can be customized to your exact specifications. Sometimes called chair-lifts, stair-chairs, and elevator chairs, stairlifts are an easy and affordable way for those who have limited mobility to regain their freedom and independence within their surroundings, allowing them to remain in their homes and achieve better mobility outside as well. Our stairlifts can be custom-built to curve around corners and fit any stairway, whether it is for an indoor or outdoor application. Clients have the option of customizing their stairlift in the configuration that best fits their home design and needs. Precision Stairlifts can supply the perfect Hawle stairlift to match your decor and your requirements.


Stairlifts With Safety In Mind

Both the HW10 indoor stairlift and the HW11 outdoor stairlift come equipped with many safety features, some of which include seatbelts, sensors on the footrest and on the back panels of the unit (which cause it to stop immediately should anything make contact with them), as well as an over speed governor switch which acts as an emergency brake. These custom curved stairlifts have been rated the safest stairlifts in Europe for the past several years and are now finally available for North America.

Quality / Safety Selection

Curved Stairlifts

Stairlifts manufactured by Hawle, are the worlds most unique and reliable indoor and outdoor personal stairlifts designed even for steep stairs with a gradient of up to 75°. In designing Hawle stairlifts no concessions are made as far as safety and convenienceare concerned. The innovative construction and the superiority of the materials used ensure the highest level of quality and reliability in the industry.

Curved Stairlifts

Curved Stairs

Indoor Stairlifts

Hawle indoor custom curved stairlifts can be made in nearly any color. If you would like to have your curved stairlift rail one specified color and your stairlift carriage another, we can do that. Please look over our selection below for your custom stairlift colors. Our dealers can also provide color swatches of the many available fabric selections (leather, fabric, and vinyl options).

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Outdoor Stairlifts

We are truly unique to the stairlift industry in that we offer the world's BEST outdoor curved stairlift. The HW11 curved stairlift has a zinc-coated rail which makes it completely weatherproof. Our curved stairlifts can be made to your custom specifications. Our stairlifts make bends and turns that you cannot make with a straight stairlift. Since the rail is zinc-coated; you can choose the color of the stairlift itself and can choose which fabric and color choice you want for the upholstery.

Outdoor stairlift 1 Outdoor stairlift 2

Hawle Stairlifts FAQs

Outdoor StairliftWhat is the weight capacity of the Hawle stairlift?

Due to our product having been carefully designed and the rail being made of steel, our stairlifts can operate safely up to a 350 lb weight capacity.

What is the maximum length of rail for the stairlift?

The rail can be made up to the length of 131 feet for either indoor or outdoor applications. You can even add an additional charging station if you want to park the unit on a middle floor of a residence.

What is the minimum width of a staircase that the stairlift can fit?

When installing the Hawle stairlift, it is important to take into consideration the minimum width of the stairway. The minimum width of a staircase that will function with the Hawle unit is 30 inches.

What type of drive system does the unit use?

The stairlift uses a gear rack drive. The teeth of the rail are located on the underside of the top section of the rail.

What colors are available for the indoor unit?

There are over 220 available color options for the indoor unit and rail. Our Dealers can help you select a color scheme that will closely match the interior of your home. We recommend visiting www.ralcolor.com to view all of the color possibilities.

What are my color options for an outdoor unit?

The rail is coated in zinc for weatherproofing and cannot be painted a color. However, the chair itself can still have any color selected from the RAL color system. Please check with our Dealers to see the current selection of fabrics and vinyl padding available for your chair as well as which RAL color you would prefer for the unit.

How fast does the stairlift travel?

It travels at the speed of 19.68 feet per minute, which operates within the industry standard recommended speeds.

Can I use remote controls for the stairlift?

Yes. The stairlift comes standard with 2 remote controls that operate on radio frequencies instead of infra-red so that the unit can still be called if there is an obstructing wall or object.

What are some of the safety features of the chair?

All units are equipped with seat belts, an emergency stop button, and an overspeed safety device which is currently one of the only units on the market that offers this as a standard feature.


BEFORE YOU BUY a Stair Lift,
we usually ask you the same 5 questions:

Straight or Curve
Indoor or Outdoor
Left side or Right side
Approx. how many steps
New or Used

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Our stairlift made in Europe – everything from one source!

Content customers from all over the world encourage us at our daily quest for giving back quality of life to other people. That’s why we produce your new Hawle lift ourselves. At our Stairlift factory planning and manufacturing are working hand in hand. Our Engineers project for you with the most modern computer systems. Precise welding at the rail assembly allows a most comfortable ride on the lift. Also all assemblies are at top technical level.

For a perfect production sequence we rely on an accurate documentation and a consistent quality management. We want you as our customer to be sure that you can trust our reliable product.

Experience - Quality - Service

As your personal stairlift manufacturer with an European production of its own and a world-wide servicing according to German standards we guarantee a high level of quality of our stairLift.

StairLift by Hawle, your personal and reliable stairlift specialist even for steep stairs with a gradient of up to 75°.

More mobility - more lust for life


Your Hawle team

hawle stairLift outdoor outside exterior custom stairway staircase hawlee lift seat chairsThe company Hawle Treppenlifte (StairLift) is an independent member of the Hawle Group International, which has been operating on the market since 1967 with great success, by now employing more than 500 members of staff. The development and production of high-quality valves and fittings for municipal gas and water supply networks is at the centre of our group's operations.

Afflicted with a walking impairment caused by an illness our company's founder Mr Engelbert Hawle had, for quite a long time, been searching for a stairlift that would come up to his principal requirements regarding quality and price-performance ratio. This (finally) resulted in an in-house development, the Hawle stairlift.



Engelbert Hawle

Mr Engelbert Hawle passed away on 2 February 2008. We will always remember him, and we are willing to continue working according to his spirit (and principles).

Stairlift for outdoor stairs

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Outdoor Lift – Yours’ world gate


Stairs are not only inside a house. Sometimes they are even outside a big problem with a few steps only to the garden or the street.


With our stairLift which are especially designed for outdoor use are you able to keep your mobility. These outdoor Lift are assembled at our own factory and they are all perfectly fitted to your personal requirements.


If straight or even curved stairs – our lift system perfectly fits everywhere and any time. Moisture proof seat surfaces, water resistant switches and a solid quality are defying in all weathers. So you are able to enjoy fresh air and vitality even with sun or rain.

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