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About Latexpedic

Latexpedic Mattresses started as a mattress upgrade with Electropedic Adjustable Beds since 1964.  In the old days, we offered one mattress and one firmness.  Because we were always dedicated to offering our customer's the highest quality; we started with the very best mattress material available:  100% pure Talalay latex.  Dedicated to quality, our mattresses were completely reversible, quilted on both sides, 20 year warranty, . . . and hand-made one at a time.


We eventually upgraded to our 9" high profile mattress that has our traditional latex core, and now surrounded on both sides with 1" of softer latex.  Because a mattress has to both support and cushion you, the high profile soon became our best seller, and still is.  We also started offering both mattresses with a choice of 4-different firmnesses:  Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm. 


We eventually expanded our line into the 11: THE ULTIMATE with the 6" core inside, and surrounded on both sides with 2" of softer latex.  Our motto for 53 years has been "Your Comfort Is Everything!" and in our opinion THE ULTIMATE is THE ULTIMATE IN COMFORT (actually that is how it got its name - true store).  We also expanded into offering our mattresses with a special zipper option; and with many natural and organic choices.


Today, most mattresses, including the most expensive, offer a mattress that is non-reversible, quilted on one-side, and the "good-stuff" is only on the top.  We are still and old-fashioned company, and rather not save the manufacturing costs if it means selling you "half a mattress."  Our customers appreciate the quality that goes into each and every Latexpedic Mattress.


This is what we do.