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100% Pure Talalay Latex Mattresses

SINCE 1964 
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The TALALAY Latex Process

Every LatexPEDIC mattress is made one at a time, individually tested in 9 separate areas, date-stamped and serialized.

Each mattress is given a 20-year written warranty. Wonder why?

The top quality mattresses manufactured by LatexPEDIC are created from only 100% PURE TALALAY PROCESSED LATEX!

  1. Latex compound is injected with air and frothed to form foam.

  2. The foam is poured into an aluminum mold. The
    mold is only partially filled with foam.

  3. The mold is closed. The pressure inside the mold is reduced to create a pressure differential between the cavity of the mold and the air in the foam bubbles. Since the air in the foam bubbles is at atmostpherice pressure and the mold pressure is lower than atmospheric, the air inside the bubbles expands causing the bubbles to increase in size expanding the foam. The foam expands and fills the mold.At the same time the foam redistributes itself evenly in the mold since the pressure inside the bubbles is driven to equalize over the entire block. Equalization of pressure in all the bubbles leads to a very uniform density throughout the foam block.

  4. The water in the foam is then frozen.

  5. After frezing, carbon dioxide is injected. The carbon dioxide reduces the pH of the foam and reduces the effectivness of the soap at stabilizing the rubber in the latex. The rubber particles coalesce forming a continuous, open cell, solid block of foam rubber.

  6. The foam is heated to vulcanize the rubber.

  7. The foam is cooled and demolded.

  8. The foam block is washed and dried.

Talalay Process Videos

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