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Before you buy an Organic Mattress, compare Organic Mattress Comfort, Support, Pressure-Relief, Breathability and Cushioning.  Our Organic Mattresses are so comfortable and relaxing, you are going to wonder how you ever waited so long to Pamper Yourself!

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Organic Mattress Cores

LATEX PEDIC® organic mattress cores are derived from the hevea brasiliensis, or rubber tree.  Organic latex has inherent qualities that make it the perfect mattress material. Talatech is the highest quality, most consistent Talalay latex in the industry.
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On a normal innerspring mattress you are basically wearing down the same 30 to 40 coils underneath your hips; on a LATEX PEDIC organic mattress you are basically wearing down the same 300 to 400 million Organic Latexpillo Air Cells. 

 Organic Mattress

LATEX PEDIC® Talalay Organic Mattress process is a highly controlled, sophisticated latex manufacturing process that produces the highest quality, most consistent organic latex available in the world.

Is the Organic Cotton Latex Mattress the most
Comfortable mattress in the World?


The LATEX PEDIC® Organic Comfort Latex Mattress has a center Core of 6" of LatexPillo„¢ Air Cell Foam, available in Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm; and surrounded on both sides with 1.5" of Softer LatexPillo„¢ Air Cell Foam, making the Organic Cotton Latex Mattress the most comfortable mattress in the world.

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When you can sink about 1/4" to 1/2" into the millions of Softer LatexPillo„¢ Air Cells, you will feel like you are floating on a cloud of air; your whole body can just totally let go.

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The LATEX PEDIC® Organic Cotton Latex Mattress will provide you with the Ultimate in Support, Comfort, Cushioning, Breathability and Pressure Relief. (Rating 30% more pressure relieving and 4X more breathable than Memory Foam). Select a Mattress Firmness for your personal use, and get the best feeling of well-being a mattress can ever give you.

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  Organic mattresses are made all with pure natural latex foam from the rubber tree.

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